May 08, 2004

my destiny

I've done my deeds. I've made the change that I could have brought about in the world. Then why don't i have the liberty to leave it all behind. to leave it to its own fate. to leave it to what it wants to become, the ever embracing yin and yang will continue. "....after a time of decay comes the turning point". which decay. my decay? whose turning point? mine? broken is the promise, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, follow the god that failed.....

the seeker doesn't seek the destiny, the destiny seeks the seeker, and as soon as the seeker starts seeking for the destiny, the destiny starts seeking for the seeker. its like buddhism, buddhism is not like science or maths. once you start seeking buddhism, it starts seeking you. i'm seeking my destiny, i'm seeking my way, i'm finding my path, i've chosen my .........destiny seeks me, and i shall come to it. it will come to fulfillment. sooner or later, it will come to fulfillment. follow the god that failed.....

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We die when we cease to dream our dream of that miracle.when we stop surpassing ourselves.As the city sleeps tonite promise ypurself a two minute prayer that you will go on,go forth and go for the gold of life because ordinary people settle for ordinary things like sucess with money,sucess with the world around.You aim for the higher picture and the higher picture will take you in its frame and then you can smile at the world that forgot that the best things in life are the ones beyond reach the ones which though, special people like you can reach

Posted by: monica at May 9, 2004 11:28 AM

My prayers are with you.
hugs and love too.

Posted by: survivor at May 9, 2004 06:34 PM

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