May 20, 2004


Some days you feel just like its a normal day, when suddenly things start happening your way. A flurry of activity starts happening. You start getting things you wanted to happen your way. Everything for the good. And then it gets out of control. Your own control. This over-stimulation leads to too much excitement that you are not able to function properly and keep on pacing the floor in excitement. There's nothing that could have stopped the excitement from happening, but you can stop it once it starts happening. Listen to some relaxing, soothing music, chant some mantram's, do some meditation. Best of all, go to sleep. Sleep calms down the mind and makes the over-stimulation go away. By the time you get up, you would be calmer and able to think clearly and more constructively. So go and get your piece/peace of sleep. ;) love ya all

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Don't worry about your life from problems

Posted by: Noman at October 17, 2005 11:07 AM

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