May 12, 2005


Judgements, judgements, judgements...i strayed away from my own philosophies, reflecting on my inner self, conscious of my soul again. As my school principal said, "What good are friends who don't even call you to know how you are doing, when you didn't give your exams".

Now I reflect on Krishnamurti again,"Judgements, they don't work in relationships". I'm always open to giving second chances, and I don't believe in death punishments. And my philosophies make me stronger, reinforcing the strength within. I Live.

Posted by puzli at May 12, 2005 05:30 AM


Dear Puzli,

The world has it' own ways and an individual it' own. To try and find one' peace, to try and make sense of this world with one' own ways, I guess that' what life is all about. Well yes you are going through bit difficult condition, but many people with great difficulties have found their meaning in life and I'am sure that you will too. I wish you well for that.

And also good wishes for your results. Don't get perturbed even if you get few K.T's, for if college exams were a judge of man' abilities then I guess Mr. Einstein would have been at bottom.


Posted by: Vish at May 12, 2005 03:41 PM

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