May 14, 2005

Science, Sprituality, and Utopia

I expressed my belief in the previous post that violence stems from ignorance, and not knowledge. However, that is just the perspective of the "normal's", the normal's being defined categorically by me as those who do not commit acts of violence. This factor must be extremely small though, if we consider the true followers of Jainism, who wouldn't harm any soul, be it living or dead (dead as in the Gaia theory, which professes even the earth to be living). Coming back to my point, most of the people are not "normal" in my definition (remember that 'normal' can be defined only with respect to a certain level of achievement), and most people are eccentric to some degree. It is the structure of the brain that decides the level of eccentricity, and most schizophrenics can be put at the top of that list, since sometimes those with schizophrenia in their family tend to be somewhat eccentric.

However, I do not intend to classify the structure of the brain in a reductionist sense, for it is more than just the sum of its parts. It is interconnected and deeply woven with the entire body, and consequently, with the entire universe (though to show that in this space wouldn't be possible. Read "The Hidden Connections" by Fritjof Capra for more details). However, I'm still confused by the implications of chaos theory in the worldview of interconnection, since it is essentially a classical concept (Newtonian concept), and does not apply within the framework of modern quantum physics. How could life possibly be reductionist. Or is it that there is still some sort of interweaving of sorts. I've read most of the works of Fritjof Capra, and his theory about the interconnection of science and spirituality. I would have to read the work of Tippler (I don't have the name right now) in order to understand his description of the relationship between the quantum world and God. Although, both of these writers/scientists/theorists have been regarded as pseudo-scientists due to their quasi-religious works, I believe that there has to be a soul in science, for humans cannot exist without love, cannot evolve without interaction, and life cannot expand without networking.

I thus support my views in the previous post that we can bring about a change in the society, starting from within ourselves, though now, this seems to be a utopian concept if we consider the near future.

Posted by puzli at May 14, 2005 02:10 PM


Dear Puzli,

It' good to read your views and attitude towards life (though some of them are a bit too technical I did say)

Well whether science has answers to the problems that life poses I don't know, but I think we human beings do. I think 'love' is the most wonderful thing that we human beings possess. Human Race has survived difficult times and Iam sure it will with time find answers to the few difficult conditions that afflict us.

Good Wishes

Posted by: Vish at May 17, 2005 08:26 AM

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