May 17, 2005

Incomprehensible speech

Another symptom of schizophrenia is incoherent speech. This means that the sufferer keeps on saying incomprehensible things, sentences that don't make sense, though to the schizophrenic, the things are a revelation, they have a meaning, to the extent of a grandiose dimension. Even I used to do that. It was what the voices commended!

As an example, here is what I kept on saying to a friend of mine while in hostel, at 2am, not letting him sleep -

"through the aeons of times and the through what has been and what isn't and what is and what should not be, the things that are and the things that cannot be.... "

Eventually, after an hour of blabbering out what was making my mind tizzy, I finally fell asleep. It was one of the reasons that my friend got really pissed off and got me shifted to the adjoining room. It is one of the symptoms that can really make you lose your friends, for they realize that you are definitely 'psycho'. They can't hang around with you because they need to preserve their own sanity.

Now, what I would like to be told in such a situation by my friends (in an empathizing manner) is to go and see a doctor. (For it is up to my friends to react in whatever way s/he can, depending upon their current state of mind, which makes them decide whether they want to get away from me or stay by my side).

Posted by puzli at May 17, 2005 05:07 PM



i guess at least i know what to do know and thats a great case i do get out of line dont take it personally and you just have to remember that i dont have experience in this matter.

thanks a lot
your friend

Posted by: sandeepa at May 18, 2005 02:58 PM

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