June 16, 2005

Said for me and me alone...

A couple of days ago, on the day of my last exam, I told one of my friends that I would go give the viva with her as she knew everything (including other people in her group) and the examiner would give better marks to the whole group. And the sarcastic response I got was something like, "Yeah, sure. I know everything! I study all the time. (damn man)..." Interestingly, that's the same kind of response I got from my friends in the earlier years. Hmmm...makes me wonder who's wrong...any opinions? Maybe, it shouldn't be viewed in terms of right or wrong. Maybe "what was said was for me and for me alone. What was said was what I needed to hear..." (That's a parallel revelation of mine with 'The Matrix') :)

Posted by puzli at June 16, 2005 01:22 PM


Hi Puzli,

And I guess when you are ready, you won't have to stop any bullets, right? :-).Well I dunno man, I get intensely agitated with everyone and at trivialest of things. I really dun know why, I mean is it my fault, is it theirs. Frankly is it anyone faults, ever??? .

I guess just to accept the way things are and to respect people for what they are, I mean if you feel the are good to you fine, if not well thank you very much, is all we can say. Well I dun know whether it' an passive approach, but then we have to stay alive, dun we? and we can't do it with sp much anger and hatred in us!!!

Take Care


Posted by: vish at June 17, 2005 09:28 AM

you are right vish. we cannot "fight fire with fire".

Posted by: puzli at June 17, 2005 09:51 AM

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