July 14, 2004

Geodon in Malaysia

As of May 2004, the anti-psychotic ziprasidone (Geodon) is available for patients in Malaysia. It is the first oral and intramuscular treatment for schizophrenia available in the country.

According to study results released at the launch of the new drug, ziprasidone has equal efficacy and fewer side effects as compared to olanzapine and risperidone.

The Malaysian Ministry of Health is now looking to control the price of the new drug, so that more patients can afford it as a reasonable option.

For the full news article, see Medical Tribune (http://www.medicaltribune.net).

Article: "A better drug for schizophrenia now available" (May 1, 2004)

For information on ziprasidone and other anti-psychotic drugs, see Schizophrenia Medications on www.schizophrenia.com


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