August 20, 2004

Australia Show focuses on Artists w/Schizophrenia

The Mercury newspaper in Australia noted today that there is a special art show in the city of Hobart - with a focus on art from people who have schizophrenia.

High Watermark III is the third exhibition of paintings, watercolours and sketches by patients from the Royal Hobart Hospital on display at the Side Space

Launching the exhibition, Deputy Premier David Llewellyn said it was one way to remove the stigma associated with mental illness.

�"Living with schizophrenia is tough," he said. "While learning about art and
developing their own work, the group provides positive peer contact in a safe environment."

The RHH Clozapine Clinic Art Group is funded by the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug, he said.

Clozapine is prescribed to control auditory hallucinations and delusions often associated with schizophrenia.

Art tutor Julie Oh said the nine artists regularly attended the weekly art classes, and other patients occasionally attended.

She said she preferred not to know too much about her clients' mental health
issues and instead preferred to focus on them as artists.

"Art provides wonderful opportunities for self-expression," she said. "I enjoy seeing my clients' confidence grow as their techniques develop."

Ms Oh said the work of an artist known as Stephen was abstract and showed a
strong relationship to colour; Other paintings reflected an emotional state implied in a particular approach to landscape.

The exhibition is open until August 30.


Me I am an artist and I have schizophrenia and my problems are lack of imagination and concentration and I am too sensetif about what others think about me, but as I try so hard my drawings are good, not as good as the beginning of schizophrenia but they satisfy me!
Anyway I draw any kind of things like kids stuff, science fiction, comics, 2D animated movie, traditional and digital so if anyone is interested to contact me don't hesitate; thanks alot for your attention!!!

Posted by: Sam at November 30, 2006 06:20 PM

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