May 03, 2005

Canada Homelessness Conference

There is a Canadian Homelessness Conference on May 17 to 20th, that looks interesting. Unfortunately, its already fully booked - but people who are interested may be able to get copies of the proceedings and recordings (CDs) of the presentations.

The conference home page says:

The Canadian Conference on Homelessness is a national, cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary forum for sharing and collaboration in order to explore the links between research and action, and to move towards effective long-term solutions in homelessness issues. The conference is meant to be inclusive, integrating the experiences and perspectives of all stakeholders and sectors, including researchers, policy makers, service providers, and individuals who are homeless or at-risk of being homeless. Those attending the conference will be provided with an exciting opportunity to explore how research can better contribute to policies and programs that address issues of homelessness.

As the issues of homelessness continue to exist, the time is right to bring together researchers of all stripes into one forum. We are encouraging collaboration during and after the conference, to identify and address any gaps in the current knowledge. This conference will provide an opportunity to make research matter, to use research on homelessness to help shape policy and practice, and work towards developing effective solutions to end homelessness in Canada.

Bringing together groups and individuals who work on homelessness issues into one forum will create the means to explore opportunities to further develop effective programs and long-term solutions for homelessness.

We invite researchers, policy makers, practitioners and people who are, or have been homeless, to meet in Toronto May 2005 to share and discuss their recent research and experience.

MORE INFORMATION: Canadian Conference on Homelessness

Comments is the homeless search engine & poverty portal, learn about the homelessness crisis or give link to a homeless person (they can use free internet at any local public library) or beggar/panhandler ;)

Posted by: Canuckster at October 18, 2005 06:13 PM

I am at current living in an appartment in kitchener but I was homeless when I first arrived here I am unemployed and looking for work in kitchener I get 520 every two weeks and 525 goes to rent I have a comp and its my only sorce of entertainment I dont have a tv or much furniture and my clothing is ragid the only thing I have is hope but even that somtimes seems hopeless I go to soup kitchens in kitchener cause I dont like food banks they tell u if u have been there more then twice a month not to come back for awhile and if your hungary what choice do u have its kinda hard to focus on a job when your hungary so I dont go to them besides soup kitchens theres people there in the same situation u are and its kinda like family there not so cold a place like food banks where u line up like cattle and get treated like second rate citizens I dont blame the people that work in them they understand its there backers and the government that doesnt understand I think people understand tho when they loose a job and end up where I am kinda hard to understand when your well educated and will never go threw what i am so Im not upset with the rich just understand beter why they dont u know the mantality of get a job bum I want work I want a place I can afford but u do the math if your makin minimum wage how will u afford to pay for rent or food Look at welfare if I was on that idd be dead in the water they pay a single person 520 a month my rent is 525 so right off the get go im 5 buck in the hole every month and the only way to eat is food banks and soup kitchens and what about bus fare so u can look for work I was doing a search for homeless people blogs so I could talk to other people like me cause im kinda isolated when u dont have money to go anywhere and christmass Ill be spending it in a soup kitchen it will be my only good day out of the entire christmass holiday

Posted by: Ed at December 3, 2005 05:47 PM

Ed, I wish you the best of luck. and Merry christmas

Posted by: Seo Pune at August 23, 2007 07:13 AM

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