June 14, 2005

Zyprexa Settlement on Diabetes Warning

Eli Lilly announces Zyprexa $690 Million settlement on Zyprexa Warning

Eli Lilly and Co announced last week that it has entered into an agreement in principle to settle about 8,000, or 75 pct, of the claims against the company related to its schizophrenia medication, Zyprexa

Apparently, most of the lawsuits were filed based on the claim that prior to September 2003, the side effects hyperglycemia and diabetes were not "adequately displayed" on the label of Zyprexa. Though Eli Lilly and Co stated (since 1996) that these negatives effects on Zyprexa were rare, "the agreement involves claimants who asserted they developed diabetes-related conditions from their use of Zyprexa."

Despite these claims, "Lilly (...) is prepared to continue its vigorous defense of Zyprexa in the remaining cases."

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I am a 53 year old female. i have diabetes after taking this medicine for 7+ years i need info on how to get my name on the settlement list.i recieved this diagnosis 2 years ago. My health has been deteriorating and i have been on a restricted diet and the doctor said medicine is inevitable its just a matter of time. please contact my son's email i used to send this. Thankyou for your support-Andrea

Posted by: Andrea Dodd at October 23, 2006 07:10 PM

Hello, I have been on Zyprexa for 5-6 years, and I have only had one side effect from the med.- weight gain. I am currently drug screened for another situation, but Zyprexa showed positive for benzodiazepines in my urine screen. Is Zyprexa a benzo? Since the active ingredient is Thienobenzodiazepine.I ask somebody to respond to me please. Dawn

Posted by: Dawn A. Fairchild at January 18, 2007 01:44 PM

i was on zyprexa round and about 2003. i immediately had a symdrome of problems. weight shot up, blood sugar went out the roof, had several seizures and heart was acting up. a test showed that i had had a silent heart attack (infarction) and within a few more months i was feeling significant chest pressure and could not do much more (mowing lawn and any strenuous work around the ranch. could not bear heat anymore. with a few months i was in the hospital for a angigram. they said it was occulted and had severe blockage. there advised the 4-way bypass because i was in severe jeopard. it was done. i have had a multitude side effect from that and my diabetic condition accelerated so humolog and lantus was double eetc. two years later i a messed up. had another stroke two weeks ago. chewed up my tongue and was so weak for days. since i live alone and am a proud man, i realize i could have died. i took it upon myself to begin a fast diet which will bring the sugar down but too low and iwill have more seizues and thats guaranteed. law firm in houston called yesterday and wanted some dates (i gave them all the records and names i had) they say i have qualified for some compensation. zyprexa case settle in 2004 was for almost$700 million to 8000 people, which is an average of $87,500. now they are facing almost 18,000 more cases and vow to cut the payments for the damage that zyprexa did. it helps some people it seems but only a fraction. it is however ver profitable. enough so, they will use some of the profits to payoff people like me -- for much less thhan the early birds who received $87,500 (less approx 1/3 to lawyers). zyprexas isn't the only deadly, dangerous drugs earning pharmaseutical companies. it is high finance thinking. the management look at from a cost-benefit analysis. what is a billion-dollar write off when you taken in 10billion? meanwhile, i am screwed up and the years of earning a nice retirement is not so joyful. nuropathy, memeory problems. etc. just from four to six months of poison produced and distribute by huge profitable pharaseutical corp. they justannounced they are simply writing off a half billion this quarter. drop in the bucket. doctors keep subscribing. they were not intended for seniors and especially people who had any levelof diabetes. they have recently changed the labeling warning about all that in larger print and veryvisible. doctors depend on eli lilly sales to help guide doctors. they are trusted to guidetheml so they prescibe drugs far more risky than they realize. should eli lilly pay less? should doctors be scott free? people have been hurt. but eli lilly says it is all without merit BUT they will pay it to get rid of the problem. changing the labeling was after the fact. the horse was out of the barn and many thousands were damaged. what do ou think they should pay for triggering a multitude of serious disorders? are the doctors innocent because they were misled? that is what my former doc claimed as all the others. now the give severe warnings. i feel mugged by the pharmasuetical company eli lilly. and they insist it is without merit!!!! but they will pay a little something to ease you into your casket.

Posted by: simmons at October 18, 2007 09:10 PM

hello, i opened up a bottle of Zypreza last week and noticed a very ODD smell and a horrible weird taste in the pill. i also am getting severe migrane headaches, has anyone else experienced this? i have been on Zyprexa for over 8 years and this is the very first time i noticed this funky strange smell and taste. thanks so much for your help.robyn

Posted by: Robyn Wolf at February 22, 2008 03:23 PM

I was on zyprexa for about 4 years and 12/05,I was diagnosed with diabetes and weight gain to the point that the doctor considered me obese. Those are hurting words. Before zyprexa, the most I weighed was 160LBS. now look at me @274LBS.,almost hit the 300 mark in 2007. Still on zyprexa,under the new name LEXAPRO and that's going to stop also. Eli Lilly already ruined my life and chance for children.

Posted by: TMY at May 19, 2008 04:02 PM

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