July 01, 2005

Scientology's War against Psychiatry

Salon.com has an interesting story on what they are calling "Scientology's War on Psychiatry"

Following is a brief excerpt, and a link to the full story:

"The controversial church, whose founder called shrinks "terrorists" and which labels mental illness a fraud, is closer than you think to implanting its extreme beliefs in the nation's laws and schools.

...It may be easy to dismiss Tom Cruise's recent outbursts against psychiatry as the ravings of an egomaniacal celebrity. Comedians have certainly had a field day with Cruise, a fervent disciple of the Church of Scientology, ever since he scolded Brooke Shields for taking prescribed medication to treat her postpartum depression and lectured Matt Lauer, host of the "Today" show, that psychiatry was a "pseudoscience" and antidepressant drugs were worthless because there is "no such thing as a chemical imbalance." ...

But the Church of Scientology's war on psychiatry is no joke. For decades, Scientologists have maintained that the very notion of mental illness is a fraud. They base this belief on the views of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, who proclaimed that psychiatry was an evil enterprise, a form of terrorism, and the cause of crime. Now, they're attempting to enshrine their contempt for psychiatry in laws across the country." ...

Recently, the story states, "David Figueroa, president of the group's Florida chapter and a practicing Scientologist, states that mental illness, as defined by the psychiatric community, does not exist. For instance, he says, bucking the world's medical textbooks, "there is zero amount of proof that schizophrenia exists as a singular mental illness."

[Editors note: Click here for the evidence that Mr Figueroa seems to have avoided learning about]

See Full Story: Scientology's War on Psychiatry

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Thank you so much for posting this information. God bless you all! This information has been a blessing for a lot of people in India!

The family advocacy movement in India was slowly becoming strong till a hate-psychiatry organisation was introduced recently by a very important psychiatrist who has a lot of influence in the government in India. Families have become so frightened. Unlike other countries people belonging to this hate-psychiatry organisation have not strangely come out in the open with their beliefs. An example is this above mentioned important psychiatrist. He is a 'psychiatrist' officially and a 'hate-psychiatrist'in his private capacity. Is this got to do with a belief- system or money?

Posted by: survivor at July 7, 2005 09:40 AM

Where is this "proof" about "chemical imbalance" in the brain? If psychiatrists themselves "admit there is no definite test to prove that these disorders of the brain are biologically based" but they "believe" "it may be caused by" such imbalance, how then can they say with any certainty or credible scientific evidence that there is such a thing? I saw parts of some Psychiatrists vague and half answered questions at their conference on the internet. It would be very interesting if they could change their stance from "We are very enthusiastic and confident that we will find evidence in the near future" to "We for sure have this proof to submit for your review". Unfortunately, its hard to argue with a multibillion dollar drug industry. They are going to look at you as a flea, and as such, have no right in thier view to have a different view.

Posted by: Paula at November 18, 2005 06:43 AM

Hi Paula,

There is plenty of proof - like blood tests that researchers (in research studies) are able to identify people with schizophrenia with about 90% accuracy, Brain scans that (in lab tests) are able to identify schizophrenia with 80% to 90% accuracy, check out the "Pictures of Schizophrenia" link on the home page of this site - and the many news stories on the genetics of schizophrenia - and the proof is overwhelming. There is so much proof now that when someone makes a claim to the opposite - they really need to provide some amazingly solid research theselves, that not only explains why schizophrenia "in their opinion... is not a brain disorder or "chemical imbalance" (a simplification to be sure) - but also if their theory is right - why do all these other mechanisms (gene tests, blood tests, brain scans) show such big differences for people with schizophrenia? suggesting its all just a "co-incidence" is just plain foolish.

Posted by: szadmin at November 18, 2005 04:56 PM

OK: survivor, ken1, paula, blixen , dixon, cupid, and vixen-- I know that you are joking. But if you don't stop with this anti-intellectualism in america thing, I'm starting to get scared.

good psychiatry helps people but only if they want to be helped.

Posted by: Colby Wang at December 15, 2005 06:33 PM

just search the Internet
there are even Christian groups claiming psychiatry/psychology are sciences from the D*vil. Why? They say Grace avoids need of such things, that these sciences were created by atheists (what's the matter), that it is evilness or weakness of character. Most of them are pentecostal church under the temptation of healing everything with miracles and "televangelists" that offers to you all happiness and well-being and richness and sucess in this world if you go to THEIR church, so you don't need such things. Some also claim that science can't help the "illness of the spirit" (as if the "spirit" would not be affected by the brain - so why does the brain exists at all?) and other claims.
Just to have an idea, I was told by a pastor to just forget my past, so i would have no trauma anymore :(
Altough I am not Catholic at all I believe in the Catholic wiew that to commit a sin you have to be counscious of what you're doing, counscious it is a sin and have total consent on what you're doing... In the Bible Jesus differs among "lunatics" and "possessed" many times, altough He could heal both, and forgives the soldiers that crucified Him because "they didn't knew what they were doing".

Posted by: piece_of_myself at January 8, 2006 05:58 PM

Hi all you nutters that love psychiatry crap. I think you are just a pack of nutters that are selfish morons

Posted by: jim at January 27, 2006 09:52 PM

Right on Jim ! Those who have not yet understood that certainty is certainty and is not to be falsely used, are creating a real mess indeed.

Even in today's universities, students are taught that it is accepted as FACT that Schizophrenia is Gene related.

A FACT can not be accepted. A fact is a fact, and so they must begin to understand what acceptance is, and what foolish acceptance actually leads to in the long run.

Posted by: Kevin at January 28, 2006 05:43 AM

Kevin says: > Diseases are malfunction of the human body ,of the heart , the liver the kidney,the heart, the liver the kidney,the brain and so forth.

Yes, and schizophrenia is some severe illness - so severe that it causes a malfunctioning of the brain.

There are many kinds of "psychiatric" medications although it is a shame that distinctions are made between them and any other type of medication.

Many people are glad to take "psychiatric" medications, food supplements, hormones, etc - whatever helps to relieve their pain and suffering and help them to live a better quality of life.

And in many cases - a person can "think themselves better". To compare such a severe malfunction of the brain - one that can be seen on MRI, PET. fMRI, in cerebrospinal fluid - and that causes people to commit suicide - with "spring fever" is to show you do not understand the severity of whatever the illness is that is causing the brain to malfunction.

It is true that many cases of what is being called schizophrenia are of different causes. Once, thyroid problems were called "schizophrenia" (and sometimes still gets diagnosed as such) but we did not have tests for the thyroid hormones - nor medication for it. Once we did, we could take it out of the "schizophrenia" bucket. Same with Wilson's Disoease, Hemochromatosis, Cushings, epilepsy, tumours, etc.

These were all part of "schizophrenia". All very real and tragic illnesses. Are you saying that none of these should be treated?

Sometimes, modern medicine cannot fix all the symptoms of the underlying illness with hormones, chelation, and whatever else. Sometimes, the additional answer is the "psychiatric" medications which affect histamines (gee - should we not use antihistamines either?), inhibit bacterial growth in culture (should we also not use antibiotics?) as well as help to balance brain chemistry which is being affected by the underlying genetic problem.

These are very complex illnesses and you make an hysterical and ill-informed argument about people that you do not know, nor about there specific underlying illness which is being labeled "schizophrenia" according to their symptoms.

Posted by: Naomi at May 8, 2007 07:24 AM

I have to add though that the worst thing is withdrawing from psychiactric drugs (antipsychotics) as the dopamine receptors grow xtra receptors to compensate for the ones that are supressed on the drugs so when the drugs are stopped there is an un-natural overload of dopamine,which is DANGEROUS, (and is when you hear of people nutting off because theyre OFF their medication.I would NEVER recommend anyone stops medication cold!!!! We went through HELL.

Posted by: karina at May 12, 2007 06:41 PM

Modern medicine may still have a long way to go in dealing with schizophrenia effectively, but after a few brushes with Hubbard's cult, I shudder to think of the impact L Ron's troops might have on serious investigations.

Posted by: A Key at December 9, 2007 07:57 PM

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