August 12, 2005

Eat Right to Fight Stress

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The magazine "Psychology Today" has a valuable reminder on how it helps to eat well to keep stress levels low, and mental functioning high. Since keeping stress levels low is known to help prevent relapse in schizophrenia - this is of particular importance to our readers.

The article states:

"The Food and Mood Project, a nutrition research group in the U.K., identified "food stressors" and "food supporters," foods that exacerbate stress from the inside and those that help people under stress. The lists were drawn on the basis of personal experience among 200 people surveyed.

Nearly 90% of those surveyed reported that their mental health had improved significantly with changes in diet they had made on their own.

Participants reported that cutting down or avoiding "food stressors" like sugar (80%), caffeine (79%), alcohol (55%) and chocolate (53%) had the most impact on mental health. So did having more "food supporters" like water (80%), vegetables (78%), fruit (72%) and oil-rich fish (52%)."

See Full story: Eat Right to Fight Stress


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