August 18, 2005

New Website Provides Helpful Mental Health Info

Eli Lilly Australia's MindBodyLife website provides helpful advice
18 Aug 2005

Balancing mental and physical health requires daily focus for all of us - and for people with mental illness the challenge is even greater. A new web site by Eli Lilly (makers of Zyprexa) website (, launched today, provides positive tools that enable people with mental illness to improve their diets, step up their exercise regimen and enhance their quality of life.

Packed with information on a range of topics like the importance of physical activity, good nutrition (including delicious, low-calorie recipes) and having a healthier lifestyle (including tips for giving up smoking and harmful substances), the site offers a constructive, user-friendly approach to maintaining general well-being.

Valuable resources such as the Mental Health Services Reference Guide and the Bipolar Services Directory are available to download from the site. Both handbooks offer an easy reference for consumers, carers, family members, friends and health professionals who seek information on mental health services.

Another practical feature is a food diary that enables tracking of daily calorie intake to assist people with managing their weight, in conjunction with exercise.

The website also provides links to other informative sites, such as SANE Australia and Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW. Other contributors include: Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre (VIC); North Western Adelaide Mental Health Service (SA); Peninsula Mental Health Service (VIC); Pioneer Clubhouse (NSW); Southern Region Dual Diagnosis Team (VIC); and Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Treatment Team (VIC).


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