August 19, 2005

Caring For Cat Helps Woman With Schizophrenia

Janet Reid has written an article about her decision to own a cat after hearing that owning a pet can be beneficial for people with schizophrenia. She discovered the potential benefits she could receive from owning an animal in Schizophrenia Digest; it stated that owning a pet, whether it be dog, cat, or fish can help a person suffering from schizophrenia. Reid was not initially successful (she owned a dog for 2 days before giving him back to the animal shelter), but did not give up.

Reid eventually decided to give it another go. She called a number in a magazine that promised to give a spayed or neutered cat to the person who called. In that same day she became the owner of a little cat that she named Joey. Originally Joey was rather scared of Reid and decided to "do his business" wherever he pleased. But after giving him a litter pan in the appropriate spot and a couple days getting used to each other, things turned out for the better. Reid had worries that the cat might cause her to be evicted due to his smell or him awakening the neighbors, but that day never came.

Reid had a few irrational worries about the cat that proved to be luckily unfounded. Her cat has not gotten her evicted, and naturally her neighbors have not complained since he is a relatively well-mannered cat and not to mention "has drawn compliments for his orange, tabby good looks and Persian genes" (Reid, 2005).

She receives tips on how to maintain her cat from her social worker as well as her friends. Joey also welcomes Reid home and "encourages me to care more for my health by making sure I get enough sleep (he sleeps or plays quietly while I sleep in one of my beds)" (Reid, 2005). Those around Reid tell her that they have noticed a significant difference in her since she has adopted her new cat.

Reid brings up good points on the benefits of owning an animal. Being forced to care for someone else gives one a sense of purpose as well as a friendly companion to keep one company. It also is a much more manageable amount of responsibility than caring for another human being, like a child, which can sometimes be overwhelming.

Original Source: Sincere thanks to Joey. St. John's Telegram (Newfoundland). August 18, 2005. By: Janet Mary Reid.


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