August 29, 2005

Keeping a Job With a Psychiatric Disability

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Maintaining a job while dealing with a psychiatric disability can be difficult, to say the least. But a booklet called "Hangin' In There: Strategies for Job Retention by Persons with a Psychiatric Disability" has provided us with a great source of information on all the things you need to know in such a situation.

The booklet covers: recovery from mental illness, the importance of keeping a job, disclosure of your psychiatric disability, personal accounts from employees and employers dealing with this issue, and more. This booklet is a great source of information for both the employee and the employer of those dealing with a psychiatric ailment.

The point that the booklet stresses is the positive benefits of having a job, once you are capable of doing so. Obviously going back to work before you are ready can only be negative for your mental health. Those who cited employment as something they felt benefited them stated that it gave them "choices", the financial support needed to decide where they want to live, buy a car, sign a lease, and be independent. It is also a source of self esteem and competence, some stated that it made them feel like they were a contributing member of society.

The booklet goes over the potential benefits of disclosing their disability with their employer. It can reduce the tension and stress of hiding something and it also gives you the ability to ask for accomodations you may need in the future. This booklet is a must read for those dealing with having a job and a psychiatric disability.

Original Source: Hangin' In There: Strategies for Job Retention by Persons with a Psychiatric Disability. (You can access the booklet by clicking on this above link, its in PDF format.


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