October 19, 2005

Life on the Streets of Los Angeles

There is an excellent series of stories on the homeless (many of whom have schizophrenia) in the Los Angeles Times this week. We encourage you to review them:

From Skid Row to Disney Hall - chronicles the life of a Nathaniel Ayers. Nathaniel was a music student more than 30 years ago at the prestigious Juilliard School when he suffered a breakdown. Today, as he continues to battle the schizophrenia that landed him on skid row, music is one of the few things that inspires and consoles him.

He plays violin and cello for hours each day in downtown Los Angeles, lifting his instruments out of an orange shopping cart on which he has written: "Little Walt Disney Concert Hall — Beethoven."

To see the full series of stories - visit:

Los Angeles Times - Life on the Streets


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