November 21, 2005

TV: Dr. Phil Covers Schizophrenia on Wednesday

Dr. Phil Covers Schizophrenia on his Wednesday, Nov. 23rd Show.
A Schizophrenics Anonymous group member appears as guest.

In an effort to dispel the myths and stigma surrounding schizophrenia, a member of Schizophrenics Anonymous will be one of the featured guests on the Dr. Phil show that is scheduled to air on Wednesday, Nov. 23. The entire show will focus on schizophrenia. The Dr. Phil tv program reaches an estimated 4.5 million viewers.

WHAT: The Dr. Phil show is scheduled to air a program on
schizophrenia featuring a member of Schizophrenics Anonymous.

WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2005

WHERE: Syndicated throughout the United States. Go to for more information.

The National Schizophrenia Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that educates the public about schizophrenia, and administers the Schizophrenics Anonymous (SA) self-help network. SA is a network of over 160 self-help groups run for and by persons with schizophrenia and related disorders. The first SA support group was founded in Detroit in 1985 by Joanne Verbanic, who created a six-step program modeled after the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Persons interested in learning more about schizophrenia or SA may
contact the National Schizophrenia Foundation at (800) 482-9534 or go to


Today is 8-1-2006.
Dr. Phil's show toady was on Bipolar.
At tha end of his T.V. program Dr. Phil said"for more information go to
I've tried every way I can think of, but I am not getting through to the information I want.

Posted by: Claudia Heinowski at August 1, 2006 03:13 PM

I have son 24 yrs. old that is bipolar, schizophrenia, that has been on all meds. at the moment he is being contained at a mental hospital only for 74 hrs. He has threatened to kill me and anyone that gets in his way and I would like to know how to get help for him before he kills me or anyone else! He has been in 5 different hospitals only to be released after 30 days and I would like your input in this situation. I am his mother and I do not know what else to do for him. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!ASAP I CAN BE REACHED AT 281-691-4835 OR 281-421-7982. thank you so much, Rose Kennon

Posted by: Rose Kennon at August 29, 2006 07:59 PM

I've been through that with my son. He was confined to a mental hospital, for about 2 weeks
and with a lot of prayer, and the right
medication cocktail, is doing much better.
I will pray for you, because it is a nightmare.

Posted by: Brenda at September 9, 2006 10:28 AM

I have been married for twenty six years, since I was seventeen, I believe that my husband has bipolar disorder, our family has experienced very unusual things, because of this. He sometimes seems to go into a mania type situation. I would love some help on this.

Posted by: Delia Mendoza at December 3, 2006 11:55 AM

dear dr phil, Hello My name is Michelle I am the daughter in law of Janet Bandy. Our family is in need of advise on our Mother in law.She currently has a home and is 66 years old with Parkinsons disease. She does not take any medicine and has had it for last 10 years, She is the legal guardian of Sam Cullum who is her daughter's child sice he was 18 mos, she had to go to court because he was in the hands of DVS and they granted her legal guardian ship as well as her late husband who passed away 3 years ago. Tge daughter name is carla she has been a skitzophrantic since early 20's. She takes her med's for a while and goes back to being ill. When ill she does go to this metal hospital where they help her and distribute her meds she does very well. Soon after they discharge her and she is off in the world only to repeat. This last time she got out was dec-06 she went to stay with her mother and son at their home. Things were fine we thought at first but now not fine/ Thegrandmother is now watching her daughter take care of her son who has been with her all these years and I think she is some what jealous,and has said her Parkinsons disease was brought on from her daughter carla giving her so much stress. Anyway in the past My husband and myself offered to take Sam a few times, The grandmother always finds some excuse to not give him up to someone who is more capable of taking care of him. By the way Sam is now 8. My husband and myself have three children and after my motherinlaws husband died we kept Sam for 5weeks and I did get attached to him but he is very emotional child for everything he has to see or hear about grandma or his mom being ill. After our attempts to try to get Sam 5-6 times we stopped and got on with our lives but my mother n law is stuck now because she can hardly take care of herself let alone sam I feel bad but I do not want the responsibility now. Please right back and give me any helpful advise and also tell me am i wrong to feel the way I do? thankyou for your time,Michelle 6366771156

Posted by: michelle cullum at January 25, 2007 05:03 PM

Today is Wed. 02/14/07 I watced your show and I was very hurt because you always give away nice gifts to the people at the show. I wish I was there too. I would love to have all the nice things you give to them. I'm here looking to I don't think that is fair to us looking on.

Posted by: Elayne Gubitose at February 14, 2007 01:58 PM

Dr.Phil, Came to your website for help. Have a 23yo son just admitted to a mental hospital for problems stemming from entire life. He fell into a deep depression after he got engaged to a girl who was five years younger(from a different state) her parent and stepParent(who did not like my son) forced them to split.(only stepparent didn't like my son. Then my son had a bad car wreck an the doctors said it was a miracle that he was not killed instantly. I have been praying to GOD for all my children but please pray for Benjamin Jacques Langford that he is healed wholly mind and body. He broke his neck,ribs, collarbone and punctured a lung in the wreck. He had extensive brain bruising(hemmoraging) He was given an ok by doctors to go back to work,but by that time his boss had hired a new guy,after telling him he had his job when he got well. That added depression on depression.but he really could not have done his job because he is not able mentally. Almost, but he cant follow through and think for himself,(example; He pulls up events from past and thinks he has to do something that he doesn't...thought he had to change the engine in his truck (that was when he first got it years ago. He can't tell how to get home from 4-5mi. away. Would freeze to death if someone didn't check to see if he has a coat) Well Friday night he was going to kill himself...a stranger he met on the web after his accident was e-mailing him and ordering him to do things...when we get him to the ER(cops help) he was assigned a social worker(case worker,no one over at the hospital seems to know; and they were going to let him go,But the doctor or who ever finally said that he had told the cops that he was going to kill himself,so he was sent to a mental hospital now i(disabled myself) have tried to get information from them by phone, have to drag over there and try in person, Do I Have to get the cops to go to the hospital and have them get this information: I know they were to send him to a mental hospital for a few days...I was not there when they took his information from him and am afraid(since the head injuries) some doctor will give him something he shouldn't have., My son was taking an antidepressant for his depression now I wonder if he should be taking anything at all after seeing so much suicide reports...I am on an antidepressant that helps me, his was seeming to help him but he was suspicious that i was giving him "too many pills") only 1 and a half a day as prescribed. He also is not back as to time. He knows its day or night but thinks its morning at night sometimes. he had counciling as a child because of anger...he was a happy child up until he had the anger problem then after the thing with his fiance he told me that one of his cousins had tried to molest him. Lucky he was man enough to stop that but it was on his mind. Then his girlfriend was having mental problems and was cutting herself and stuff. She was telling him about that and he was wanting to protect her,Then his niece(like his little sister) was molested and he couldn't protect her; He was at a party where a man's son raped his little girlfriend and that is why he got into a fight with them and they made him leave (some things dont add to me about the wreck)...He was going to take up for the girl"I told them i was not going anywhere until the little girls parents came and got her..." He doesn't remember getting into his car...A lady came upon the accident she called three times but we didn't get her number..."a small white truck came and turned near the wreck,had paint missing or something different about the hood she would hate to know that they ran him off the road and got by with murder"...My son is a good person. He has a good personality when he is himself. I am trying to help him What else can I do take away the internet? I have lived with too much mental stresses in my life already. Please Pray for my son to get well and pray for me. Thank you for your work I wish you would write a book for the school level curriculm. Each and every level could use your help This world is so cruel because of all the moral breakdown. School is the only place it can be taught under the name Psychology. This same son had a fourwheeler accident about 4 years ago and had temporary memory loss with a personality change...Pray for Ben

Posted by: J.Langford at February 20, 2007 05:46 AM

I know this thread was opened a long time ago, but the postings to it are recent enough to make this a matter of concern.

Please, people, DO NOT expect an answer from Dr. Phil from a posting here, and DO NOT take "medical" advice dispensed anonymously on a web forum! Any advice about "alternative" treatments here is at most worth what you paid for it (nothing), and given how schizophrenia can affect a sufferer's life and the lives of others he/she may interact with, could even cause serious harm!

Posted by: Onlooker at February 23, 2007 07:32 AM

I saw your program on 5/10/07
concerning the obsessive husband. It was very frightening to say the least.
I really fear for his wife not just now but for the rest
of her life. He made one comment that you didn't address and that was,"he said
he heard a message from a man
on his wife's answering machine who said, "You are probably in the bathtub so I
will call you later". I hope this wife isn't playing "mind games".
I am married to a man who is
VERY narcisstic. He lives totally within himself. I am 70 years old and have 4 married children. I feel that for the time I have left
in my life that I just have to endure but it does get very lonely. We have been married 48 years. He has had
periods where he has abused
alcohol. Is this systamatic of alcholics?
I hope you have time to reply.
By the way, your wife is absolutely beautiful!

Posted by: Eileen Dunbrack at May 10, 2007 06:47 PM

Dr. Phil,

I have written several times regarding my husband mental health issues. Both my husand and I would like to find a long term facility for mental health. I undersand from our health insurance that Colorado does not have any long term facility. We have tried the short term mental health facilites but it has not helped my husband. He has tried a lot of medications and so far none have helped. He is very depressed, last Wednesday he eas prescribed a MAOI drug that was not even available at the pharmacy. We should get it either today or Monday. The doc told him that it would take 7/8 weeks before he feels any change. What is he supposed to do for two months in the state that he is in. Would La Hacienda in TX be able to help him. At this time I don't really care if the insurance does not pay. Anything we can do help him improve the quality of his life is very much appreciated.


Posted by: Mumtaz Sehon at May 19, 2007 12:49 PM

Dr. Phil
i watch your show every day. I need some advise. i was raised in a satanic cult, so i have a lot of issues, especually about self worth. Dr.'s have never said i am Bipolar, but they give me meds that is for that. they seem to help at times but other times even all the meds im on i spiral down to this deep depression and its hard on my family. ive never checked into a facility because im VERY clostrophobic. i seen your show about the boy being locked in his room. thats how me and my brother was for years locked in a closet. how can i get past this mess i feel like im in without dad winning. im always scared of what ill do when i hit the deep depression periods, but i take my meds like the Dr. says.

Posted by: wanda at May 24, 2007 08:57 AM

Here goes nothing.I have a brother that is 37 yrs.old.I am almost positive that he has bipolar and or schizophrenia.He has drank and has done drugs since he was about 14 yrs.of age.Got his fist dui at age 17,and many since then.He has had many head injuries from accidents and fights.He has spent time in prison for dui's and has spent alot of time in jail for the same thing.He had a girlfriend that he reallycared about,but she was no good for him,she slept around with everyone even our dad.Ever since then he was really into drugs and has been a complete basket case.He has had many good paying jobs but can't keep them,because he says he hears demons in his head so he beats himself up and goes and gets drunk to get rid of them.He says it's like he's being raped but no ones there.He threatens to kill himself and if he had agun I think he would.He knows something is wrong but he's afraid to get help cause he does'nt want to be put in a rubber room.He can be good on some days and real bad on others.Myself and our mom havetried to help but since he's of age no one will do anything.He's not himself and he's very miserable.PLEASE HELP!!!! May 24,2007

Posted by: Lisa Rexroad at May 24, 2007 10:06 PM

I have seen you help people every day on t.v. and I was hoping that you could help me. My son,Curtis suffers with schizophrenia and I can'nt seem to get help anywhere for him.Right now he is in John Hopkin because two days ago he attacked my husband. The hospital wants us to pick him up and being him back home, but my husband and I refuss,because this is not the first time this has happen. I really do need your help with this and I would be most grateful if you can help us find some help for Curtis.
Thank You. Carline

Carline Coleman
1340 Hill Born Drive
Hanover, Md. 21076
Home Phone:410-859-8425

Posted by: Carline Coleman at June 6, 2007 03:45 AM

dr .phil nathalie costanzo and my self trying too get your atenchin shes been sick for 4 years and going too docters and she cant hold down water thay know she has a infection but nothing doters do but see next month state dont help neather and iam a tax payer i hat when i get ssi and ssd i need your help DR. PHIL THANKS RACER ROB

Posted by: robert york at July 6, 2007 03:18 PM

For the girl with no identity or social security number: has a way of testing the male or female sex gene. For males it traces the male gene from father to son, which makes it ideal for tracing family names. For females, the gene traced is transmitted from mother to daughter. With more than 10,000 tests already completed, there's a good chance of a match or close match. I recommend a 37 marker test. If some results come back a complete match, contact the participants. Close matches, such as 35 of 37 should be contacted for possible clues.

Posted by: Bob Jordan at August 28, 2007 01:03 PM

I have a 14 year old daughter who has been having problems for the past 3 years she has been diagnoised with ADD depression, trich(hair pulling) she has been in counseling and is also seeing a psychartist,for the past 2 years she is curently on a mood stablizer, she was also diagnoised with bipolar,she was kicked out of school last year for threating a kid who was teasing her, we have tried everthing from medication to holistic nothing seems to work all the doctors do is adjust or change her medicine.She just revealed to me she is bisexual and that she wants to have a sex change this a whole new problem but she said she has been feeling this way since she was 7 years old. I am wondering if this could be the root of her problem we are curently seeking out a counselor who specializes in this i don't know what else to do she says she is very depressed and sometimes she don't even feel like living i feel we are running out of time CAN YOU PLEASE HELP!

Posted by: cathy johnston at September 2, 2007 09:15 AM

Hi dr.phil
I'm feel like I am writting to you and hopeful for someone to give me some answers. Almost 3yr. ago I left cause I felt desperate for a change in my marriage. I begged him to go to our family doctor to see what was the matter. He wouldn't. He started spending alot of time with people I had nothing to do with. He met them through a running club.
our close friend died after a long fight w cancer in march and I left in may, his mom found out in sept. she had cancer and died in oct. His buisness parnters left the buisness we had. all in a few months.
He e-mailed just before christmas and told me he had bi-polar. I don't know what to do and I know he doesn't either. If your have any advise for what I should do I love to hear. I feel like all my dreams are wishes that never will come true and my kids are sooo confused as to why he acts like he does and I'm not there at his house to keep this calm for them.
I cry all the time and writting this is no exception.
Thanks for all you do.

Posted by: marie sawchyn at September 4, 2007 05:31 PM

It's really difficult to get my meds I have been taking for years and a psychtrist that will take medicaid and I've been going from doctor to doctor because thew take me off my meds eventually.It's amazing how many doctors I went to and couldn't get help and our family has very low income and that don't help much either. Dr. Phil PLEASE HELP my voices won't go away and I can't sleep and I have two kids that don't understand why their mommy cries all the time . I don't want my kids to go through this and their already having emotional problems.

Posted by: terri barnett at September 9, 2007 10:09 PM

I have a granddaughter spiraling out at times and we think she is bipolar. She is on Medicaid and we can not seem to get treatment for her.Please can you advise me. My oldest daughter recently died and this is very hard on us. Thanks! Nannie

Posted by: Donna Stewart at October 5, 2007 01:02 PM

I live in Australia and I'm 29 yrs old and have ADHD and BIPOLAR. I also have a 12 yr old daughter who has the same and I have a 11 yr old son with ADHD and 'suspected bipolar'. My daughter who lives with me is medicated as am I and my son who lives with his father and grandmother is medicated for the adhd only. I was never diagnosed properly until I was 24-25yrs old and had previously been on a wide range of different medication for illnesses from borderline personality disorder through to schizophrenia and being a "damaged" child and growing up in many foster homes due to being a 'ward of the state', I had recieved numerous sessions in therapy with psychiatrists, psycologists, councillers etc. Since being diagnosed 'properly' and recieve the right treatment I find that I am able to help my daughter learn skills to help her cope with and manage her moods,self harm tendancies,suicidal thoughts,her manic and her depression modes.With the help of medication, regular blood tests, councelling and a GREAT deal of understanding and patience, she is learning that she will be able to lead a relatively normal life and that the disorders she has are nothing to be ashamed of, but most importantly it is a mental illness, NOT a excuse!There are a wide range of medications out there to treat mental illness as we all know, but some mental illnesses dont need the treatment of medications, and if they do then some may only need treatment for a short time. Not all ADD/ADHD sufferers take medications, some use herbal calmers, some meditate,monitor the type of food intake etc, and the same can be said for other illnesses. I find it sad that people are so quick to take medications for anything and everything, when in reality they may just have to change their way of life in order to feel and become more mentally healthy. I (along with many others), have to take tablets every day for the rest of my life, and some of the side effects are downright painful.My 12 yr old daughter also has to take them for her life and we along with alot of others suffer from some really horrible side effects, and I think that if we could,we would throw the tablets away just so we didnt have to live with the side effects and the fact of popping pills every single day, and we would go for a more natural approach that didnt make us feel sick or have I.B.S. or made us allergic to foods and antibiotics etc.But we cant. We have to pop these pills. I know i tried everything for me and then my children before allowing them to become medicated, it was the absolute last resort but sadly it was and is the only thing that works. Look in a nut shell, If you think someone has a mental illness, dont just see one doctor, see many. See specialists, ask questions, ask what alternatives there are,the side effects etc, (in the case of bipolar ask for blood tests to check levels etc), talk to the person affected, ask their opinion and dont jump on the medication bandwagon just because its the easiest option. No-one WANTS to pop pills everyday for the rest of their lives that can make them feel sick etc. I mean seriously......would you?

Posted by: Tammy at October 10, 2007 11:31 PM

I am 43 years old and have been diagnosed bipolar since my early twenties. I know my illness has put my family through alot and I have been through a lot. I just want people to know that people who are like me and are disabled by the medical community can contribute to the good of others. I am involved in jail ministry and giving food to the needy as well as my church. With being medicated I can work 20 hour a week and most people who know me don't know I am disabled. Yes, it is scarey living in my body and knowing that my mind could betray me but I have to make the most of every day and I am thankful for the presence of mind. I thank God for that.

Posted by: Laura Sprau at October 12, 2007 04:37 PM

i would like to say that my son has both bipolar and hes also has schiophernia and hes even adhd and hes also has lots more wrong with him like he has post traumatic stress disorder pervasive developmental disorder. and he takes like 8 differnt kinds of medications for them all. he was in a hospital for kids for 3 in a half years for hes behavoral problems and he also wanted to kill hes friends and family as well and he even gotten kicked out of school so maney times for threats and wanting to bring knifes to shcool to use on hes friends and teachers at school.. and my son was on 6 years old at the time when he went in to the hospital.. i wanted to tell me story about my son because he is home now after 3 years old and hes been home for 3 months now and hes doing awsome now. hes doing alot better in school and hes even doing alot better at home as well and there are times that i have to remind him of things but then he back to normal. i dont think any kid will ever be normal like most of us are. and there are times that my kid thinks that all fun and games and i just talk to him. if you need me to tell my story about my son ill be more and happy to.. angel.

Posted by: angel at October 18, 2007 02:19 PM

DR.Phil my cousin has bipolar and schiophernia she had 4 kids 2of them was placed in a home about 10 yrs ago a 1yr old that was placed in foster care 4 yrs ago. She asked me over a year ago if I would keep her 4th child untell she got stright the wealfare was going to take the child Because my cousin was drinkin,usin drugs,dui with child in car,dui without a permit,chid endangerment...... My husband say that I'm enabling her to do what she doses by not getting childsupport from her she has not gotten any better then the way she was befor she works a part time job my cousin has not bought this child not one pair of socks she dosen't even ask if she needs any thing.Dr.Phil do you think she will ever streghten up? Am I enableing her? we love this child like are own.we have 3 childrn of our own I'm on LTdisability.Please,Please Dr.Phi give let me know.

Posted by: louise at November 7, 2007 10:46 PM

i need my husband to forgive me for my premicuos affair

Posted by: linda boden at December 13, 2007 05:37 AM

i need help getting my husband to forgive me fo an affair i had 11 years ago before i was diagnosed

Posted by: linda boden at December 13, 2007 05:45 AM

Hello All,

Since I have discovered that there are unseen negative energies affecting our lives, it has become very clear that many so-called mental and emotional disorders are caused by intrusive and hostile negative energies.

Recently a 6 year old male child diagnosed with ADHD and possible bipolar disorder was brought to me for treatment. This child is fine now. See the Testimonials page on my website.

Please go to my website to gain an understanding of what I do and after you have an understanding of this phenomena please seek help from someone in this field.

In love and light, Aniel

Posted by: Aniel Lia Love at January 2, 2008 07:05 AM

i want your help

Posted by: tackla at April 6, 2008 11:53 PM

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