January 16, 2006

Infinite Mind - Educated Consumer On-line Radio

The Infinite Mind has a good program on their web site. Here is a brief excerpt of the program coverage:

Right now in the United States, tens of millions of Americans live as part of a minority group that is routinely denied jobs, housing and basic human rights.

This group has no widely recognized leaders, no Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony or Cesar Chavez. For the 44 million Americans living with mental illness, change is coming through the efforts of unsung heroes and revolutionary, grass-roots approaches to transformation.

Dr. Peter Kramer's guests include Moe Armstrong, who has schizophrenia and who talks about his experiences with the mental health system in the 1960s.

We’ll speak with Larry Fricks, who has bipolar disorder and who started a movement of people in recovery from mental illness. He now directs consumer relations and recovery for the state of Georgia. And we visit an innovative peer specialist program in Georgia, where people who’ve experienced mental illness are employed to help others in their recovery.

We’ll talk with Duke University researcher, Dr. Eric Elbogen, who studies psychiatric advance directives that allow people to give doctors instructions and plan for their own treatment. And we’ll hear an excerpt from Charles Barber’s memoir, Songs from the Black Chair, in which he struggles as a social worker about whether to divulge his own experience with obsessive compulsive disorder.

We also speak with Cynthia Folcarelli, executive vice president of the National Mental Health Association and Charles Konigsberg, director of the Campaign for Mental Health Reform. Plus commentary from John Hockenberry.

Listen to the program: Infinite Mind: The Educated Consumer


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