April 09, 2006

Suicide Prevention for Mental Healthcare Service Users

After learning about Schizophrenia Ireland's "Discover the Road Ahead" document, we discovered that they have a good publication on suicide prevention in people who use mental healthcare services - with a specific focus on schizophrenia. The 36 page handbook (available for free download at the link at the bottom of this page) is titled: Supporting Life: Suicide Prevention for Mental Healthcare Service Users

While the information includes a some information that may not be directly relevant to other countries (i.e. suicide statistics in Ireland, etc.) - much of the informati.on would be very valuable reading for any family member or carer or healthcare worker involved with a person who has schizophrenia.

As part of their report, Schizophrenia Ireland focus on three main areas relating to schizophrenia and suicide risk: society, the person and mental health services.

With regard to Society, the organisation state, 'We need to strive for equality driven mental health legislation and mental health services that focus on valuing the person and not simply treating some symptoms.

With regard to The Person, Schizophrenia Ireland note that 'To ensure a clear and effective recovery pathway requires that a person can remain integrated fully in their local community with access to basic life resources such as an education, a job, an income, a home, friends and hobbies.

Mental Health Services 'need to be re-orientated towards partnership and recovery' say the organisation, and 'recovery should be the objection.

The 'Supporting Life' report also discusses the historical context of suicide prevention in Ireland, mental health services and national mental health policy, suicide and schizophrenia, dealing with suicidal thoughts and the personal story of a person with schizophrenia who attempted suicide.

You can download the booklet for free from the link below (its a large 900kb .pdf file so it may take a minute or two to download):

"Suicide Prevention for Mental Healthcare Service Users" handbook
The file requires Adobe Acrobat reader - if you do not already have it installed on your computer, its available here for free.

Index - for Suicide Prevention for Mental Healthcare Users


Historical Context of Suicide Prevention in Ireland

Suicide and Schizophrenia

Personal Story - Tim

Getting the Balance Right: Suicide Prevention for
People with Self-Experience of Schizophrenia

Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts and Depression


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