April 12, 2006

Family Interventions for Drug and Alcohol Misuse: Is There a Best Practice?

Medscape reported last week on Drug and Alcohol abuse treatments and how families can help.

The article is titled: Family Interventions for Drug and Alcohol Misuse: Is There a Best Practice?

A brief excerpt states:

An increasingly robust evidence base supports family-focused and social network-focused interventions in substance misuse treatment. Recent studies have continued to show that family and network approaches either match or improve outcomes when compared with individual interventions. Research needs (and is starting) to consider a broader set of outcomes relevant to family and network interventions, besides simply making an impact on substance use. The major challenge involves implementation of family approaches in routine service provision; interventions with most evidence supporting them are not used routinely in practice. Research studies and policy initiatives need to focus on dissemination of family approaches and their integration into treatment services.

To read the entire article click here (Medscape, Free registration required).


Actually in most cases families are the real cause for alcoholism and drug addiction. Poor addicts have to go for few months in a drug rehab in California just to be away from their families. LOL

Posted by: diana at April 10, 2008 06:22 AM

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