June 21, 2006

Schizophrenia and the long road to mental wellness

Here is a good story about one person's long but ultimately successful stuggle with schizophrenia:

Mental illness doesn't always intrude into a person's life as a single disease with clearly defined symptoms. Ask Dana Parker. For more than 20 years, she struggled off and on with depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

She still managed to earn a college degree, get married, have a son and dote on him, and hold down a job as a university admissions counselor.

But her precariously balanced life tumbled apart when her marriage collapsed and her symptoms snowballed into full-blown paranoia.

Dana was convinced that her home was bugged and that spies trailed her. She spent hours in her car chasing buses, whose signs she felt compelled to follow to pursue clues.

Today, four years since her worst breakdown, Dana, 37, of Detroit, is healthy and happier than she has been in many years.

Read the full story here


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