August 13, 2006

Podcasts from UK Institute of Psychiatry

There are some audio recordings of talks & debates at the King's College London Institute of Psychiatry that are available for all to download and listen to (special thanks to Teejay for notifying us of these talks).

To download and listen to the talks - go here: Psychiatry Podcasts. We hope that other Universities and Psychiatry departments will follow the lead of this school and make downloads of their grand rounds lectures available for the public.

Talks and debates at the Institute of Psychiatry include:

Antipsychiatry is dead: long live psychiatry | 29 Jun 2005
A Born-Again Brain | 26 Jan 2005
Drugs - high time for a change? | 19 Nov 2003
The Choice: depressed or dependent? | 16 Jul 2003
Crime and illness: the thin blue line | 19 Mar 2003
Schizophrenia - the ultimate delusion | 29 Jan 2003
Human Rights Gone Mad? | 19 Mar 2002
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | 28 Feb 2002
Method in Their Madness or Madness in Their Method? | 23 Jan 2002
Cannabis: Who gives a puff | 26 Sep 2001
White Paper: Mental Health Reform | 05 Jul 2001
The Brain: the final frontier? | 11 Oct 2000

For a full list of podcasts (audio files available for download)see this list:

Audio feeds from the Institute of Psychiatry


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