October 29, 2006

Global Visual Scanning Abnormalities Found In Schizophrenia Differ From Bipolar Disorder

Some people with schizophrenia reportedly scan pictures with social content (i.e., faces) differently than normal controls, making it difficult for them to read facial expressions.

One group of patients with schizophrenia and another group with bipolar disorder were compared with a control group without these illnesses to determine if there were differences between the groups in scanning pictures devoid of social content (such as landscapes, fractals and noise patterns) as well as pictures with social content.

It was found that the group with schizophrenia had impairment scanning both types of images – not just ones with social content – reflecting a global visual scanning impairment not specific to faces.

Furthermore, it was found that when patients with bipolar disorder and those with schizophrenia were compared with each other, they had similar temporal (timing of) scanning patterns but had different spatial scanning patterns of all images except faces, raising speculation that spatial scanning patterns may be able to serve as a biomarker for functional psychosis.

Read the full story: Visual scanning abnormalities in schizophrenia not specific to faces

Video that Visual Scanning Issues and Social Cognition in Schizophrenia

Stories on other potential biomarkers for schizophrenia:
differences in sugar metabolism
blood test
breath test
special IQ test

Note: Biomarkers are specific physical traits that can be used to measure the effects or progress of a disorder.


where can i go for help to addmit myself sothey can study my mind and help to find a cure

Posted by: doug at October 31, 2006 11:19 PM

It's really great that you want to help. There are many studies on schizophrenia going on. It's just a matter of finding one conveniently close to you. Genetic studies where they study the genes of the schizophrenic person and their family, medication studies, and many other types of studies are going on. Some pay some or all of your expenses (study expenses, such as getting to where the study is, meals during the day of the study, etc, but it varies). Not all studies are easy - some involve starting and stopping medication, you should always discuss getting into a study with your doctor, to be sure the study is a good situation for you.

Posted by: slc2 at November 1, 2006 10:15 AM

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