November 27, 2006

Diet and Nutrition May Play Key Role in Fighting Depression

CNN reported on the mounting evidence, noted by Dr. Dianne Volker and Jade Ng in the journal Nutrition and Dietetics, that diet and nutrition, including nutritional and herbal supplements, may play a key role in helping people fight depression.

Volker and Ng point to a number of nutrients and supplements that have the potential to influence mood - some by increasing the absorption of chemical messengers in the brain and some by having a protective effect against depression. These nutrients include fish oils with a balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and B vitamins.

The authors point out that research on B vitamins have had conflicting results but emphasize the importance of the role of balanced nutrition in the maintenance of good mental health.

Note: The use of nutritional and herbal supplements should be under the direction & supervision of your physician.

Read the Complete Article: Study: Fish oils, vitamins, herbs helpful for depression

Original Source: Depression: Does nutrition have an adjunctive treatment role?

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