January 09, 2007

Poet Finds Catharsis Writing About Mother's Schizophrenia

Last year we did an interview with Michael Mack, the performance artist who tells the story of growing up with a mother who had schizophrenia. That interview was one of the most popular news stories on our web site last year so we thought that you'd like to read about an update on Michael Mack that recently was published in Psychiatric News:

The room darkens, and sad, frightening voices echo through the air. Mixing light and shadow with the skills of an actor and the voice of a poet, Michael Mack brings the sensations of schizophrenia to his listeners.

The experience is not his directly, but that of his mother, whose schizophrenia was diagnosed when Michael was 5 years old. Yet the story is his, too. What child wouldn't be affected by the inexplicable behavior of his or her mother?

Luckily for him and his audiences, Mack was not shackled by his childhood. As an adult, he transformed the central experience of that time into a one-man performance that enlightens patients and clinicians, as well as people who have never seen mental illness firsthand.

Read the full story: Poet Finds Catharsis Writing About Mother's Schizophrenia

More Info:

Michael Mack's Hearing Voices (Speaking in Tongues) Interview

Michael Mack's Web Site


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