January 10, 2007

Advocates Renew Push for Mental Health 'Parity' Bill

As we mentioned last week - mental health advocates are gearing up for a renewed effort to get mental health insurance parity this year with support from the newly-elected Democratic politicians.

NPR has a good report on this effort and if you're at all interested in this topic, we encourage you to listen to it.

"A bill has long lingered in Congress that would require health insurers to provide equal benefits for mental and physical ailments. President Bush has vowed to sign such a mental health "parity" bill on several occasions, but a Republican-controlled House repeatedly blocked it. Now with Democrats in control of Congress, mental-health advocates are quietly planning a quick campaign for the bill's passage."

Go to the NPR page, and click on the "Listen" button to get the full report: NPR on Mental Health Parity Bill


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