May 18, 2007

A Call for Community Action During Schizophrenia Awareness Week: May 20-26

This Press Release was issued by the National Schizophrenia Foundation (United States).

Schizophrenia Awareness Week: May 20-26, 2007, Realizing Recovery, Shattering Stigma

The National Schizophrenia Foundation (NSF) is looking for others to help "shatter the stigma" by participating in this year's Schizophrenia Awareness Week (SAW), May 20-26, 2007. Community Action Kits with event ideas and tools are available by calling (800) 482-9534, extension 101; or Kit contents can be downloaded HERE. This years observance emphasizes candle-light vigils, to be held May 24 at 7pm EST; and a major effort to obtain governors' proclamations in each state.

SAW is an annual observance sponsored by the NSF that honors the work of Dr. Philippe Pinel, a major figure in the early efforts to provide humane care and treatment for the mentally ill. Appointed chief physician at the men's "insane" asylum in Paris in the late 18th Century, Dr. Pinel was horrified to see the patients restrained to walls by chains. Although warned against it, Dr. Pinel took a bold and unprecedented move to remove the chains from the patients.

Affecting nearly 3 million Americans, schizophrenia is a biologically-based brain disease that seriously impairs a person's ability to think clearly and relate to others. When left untreated, someone with schizophrenia can have difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what is imaginary, and is often unresponsive and withdrawn. Although there is no known cause or cure, a majority of people with schizophrenia can lead a more "normal" life with the appropriate medication, therapy and support.

The NSF is a not-for-profit organization that educates the public about schizophrenia, and administers the Schizophrenics Anonymous (SA) self-help network, which includes 175 self-help groups run for and by persons with schizophrenia and related disorders. The first SA support group was founded in Detroit in 1985 by Joanne Verbanic, who created a six-step program modeled after the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

* Administering the Schizophrenics Anonymous (SA) self-help support network
* Sponsor of Schizophrenia Awareness Week (SAW), May 20-26, 2007: Realizing Recovery, Shattering Stigma
* 2nd Annual NSF "Jazz On My Mind" Gala, Saturday, September 29, 2007, City Club of Washington, D.C. at Franklin Square. Be a part of this event! (More information HERE)
* A United Way & Combined Federal Campaign Participating Agency

One out of every one hundred people will experience schizophrenia in their lifetime - undoubtedly you know someone affected. The National Schizophrenia Foundation proudly offers hope for recovery, within a mutual aid community, without charge to recipients or their families. We rely on the generosity of our sponsors and donors to continue providing these vital and effective free services. Please call us or visit our Web site to find out how you can support the message of hope for today!


Yes, I have been wearing the silver ribbon most of the month, and have been advocating, especially in the workplace, against using works that react stigma as well. The other day, someone referred to an individual as a 'schizophrenic' in a negative way, and I blasted that person poltely, and told her not all people who suffer from mental illness are violent, and that this kind of characterization fed into stigma. It is important, I believe, that we all speak up when possible.

Posted by: hopefordolly100 at May 19, 2007 06:41 AM

Thats something to be proud of Dolly. I have also been wearing the ribbon and I am going to write articles for the school and city newspaper about how with competent, proper treatment a person can live a relatively normal life and that we must fight stigma so people are comfortable getting treatment.

Posted by: Todd at May 19, 2007 11:05 AM

i did'nt know about the Silver Ribbon thanks.

Posted by: L P at May 22, 2007 08:54 PM

Though I am suffering from schizophrenia from last 15
years.I came to know 3 years
before.I want to tell all of
my friend who are suffering
from this neurological brain disease can live a normal life with thier Ditermination
and love towards life.Life is very can I became its Member.

Posted by: vibhuti at May 31, 2007 05:00 AM

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