September 10, 2007

Advanced Directives for Treatment - News Story

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There is an excellent article on the use of Advanced Directives in treatment for people who have mental illness - in this week's Washington Post. We recommend you check it out. Following is a brief quote:

My friends and family know the symptoms of my condition, but they don't always know about recovery," said Smith, 55, a District resident. "I got to a point where I wanted the things that work best for me to be written down, so that if I was ever in the hospital again, there would be clear instructions."

Smith's wishes are embedded in a legal document known as a psychiatric advance directive, which is designed to instruct health-care professionals, family members and friends about how mentally ill patients are to be cared for when they are incapacitated.

Read the full story: Va. Studies Directives Giving the Mentally Ill A Say in Their Care

More resources on Advanced Directives (scroll down)


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