September 10, 2007

Elyn Saks - A Secret Life of Madness

At we're currently reading Elyn Saks' new book - and we'll have a full review and interview with Elyn at some point in the future. But today there is another good article from the LA Times on her and her book - and her recent presentation at the APA meeting in San Francisco.

If you're interested in a success story of someone who has battled schizophrenia - this is a good place to start.

"A respected scholar and USC law professor reveals her journey through the horrors and demons of mental illness. She has schizophrenia.

Dressed in a blue power suit, Elyn Saks addressed a gathering of psychologists here with the quiet demeanor of an intellectual sure of her academic resume: college valedictorian, Oxford scholar, Yale law student, USC legal professor.

But her words were not serene. They evoked nightmares."

Read the full story: A secret life of madness

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