November 12, 2007

New Initiative to Help With Early Diagnosis of Schizophrenia

A news story out of Australia discusses an initiative recently created in order to aid the early diagnosis of schizophrenia and also to improve current treatments by making them more personalized. Research has shown that for best outcomes with schizophrenia, early treatment is very important. This is a topic that we've covered a lot in the past few years because it can take many years for people to get proper diagnosis and treatment. [Read Related Stories Here.]

Both the Australian Government and Macquarie Bank Foundation are funding the initiative of $3.8 million. The organizations involved are the Schizophrenia Research Insitute (SRI), the University of NSW and the Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute. The primary goal the researchers at these organizations have is that of diagnosing the illness early "...before its serious effects...take...hold." Leading researcher in the field, Cyndi Shannon Weickhert will be heading up the research and focusing on methods " target risk factors early on".

Full Story: Project to unravel mystery of schizophrenia (Village Voice)


Can a woman nearing 50s suffers from schizophrenia?From the description frm relative, she sometimes turn aggressive like bitting people.She slaps hard on her kids whenever they did wrong.

Posted by: Leanne at February 10, 2008 01:47 AM

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