April 30, 2004


Today I asked the Doctor.... is this a symptom of the illness or a side effect of the medicines or is it a symptom not of the illness but of his new found insight into the illness.....
he had no answer it could be any one or all three.
As I progress more deeply into knowledge of the illness the less knowledgeable I get.
It is one of the most mysterious and mind boggling of illnesses.No two people diagnosed are alike either in the patterns of the progress of illness or in its paths to recovery.
Each takes his or her own path to their own levels of "equanimity".
Be prepared for the worst but never never stop believing in the best outcome.
For the illness thrives on despair,grief and tears.
I treat it like one very very spoilt child who startles with his evil and mischief on the one hand and endears and enchants with another.

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revolutionary battles were never won obeying the rules. the rules must be broken for change to come.

Posted by: puzli at May 1, 2004 11:48 AM

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