April 03, 2004

A few thoughts

My hb's sister was just diagnosed with m.s. He also has another sister who had a tumor between her ear and brain and yet another sister who has sz. Maybe none of these things are related, but it sure seems strange that this family of siblings as they get older have so many diseases. It makes me wonder what could be in their genetic makeup, what they were exposed to as children, etc...that could be causing these things.

Things here are going relatively well. We are busy getting ready to paint our house, uggh.

Our oldest son will graduate from high school next year. It is so hard for me to think about. I know that I must let him go, but gosh I sure would like to wrap him in tissue and keep him a while longer....LOL. I worry that the stress of moving away and going to college may bring on the symptoms of sz. I know that this worry is useless, because more than likely he will not get it. But you know us moms (and dads) still worry about anything and everything. I know that it will leave a big hole in our home when he is gone. Our other 2 children will still be at home for several more years, so I won't have an empty nest for a while. Thank goodness! It will be interesting to see how M. and I get along when the kids are all gone. It sure will be quiet!

m. has always had ear problems, even as a child. Lot's of infections, etc...He has a lot of scar tissue and some hearing loss. He has had a bad cold and it seems his ears are really plugged up. He cannot hear much of anything and this is driving the rest of us nuts, too! I don't think it is good for the paranoia either when he can't hear, because then he has no idea what people are really talking about and he assumes it is all about him....

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You should go to http://google.com and enter the following exactly as I have written it below:

"fish oil" schizophrenia

My wife has sz. And I have done all I can to learn about it. Now, she takes Olanzapine, which although it's not as effective as Closipine, since my wife perfers it, that's what she takes.

Now, please read carefully!

The evidence re "Omega 3" fish oil is overwhelming. Researcher's (in Canada first, then in England) see real value in that nutrient IN TWO WAYS.

First, before someone succumbs to the disease, taking a small amount of fish oil each day seems to provide real benefit and people who have never had sz or been hospitalized with depression seem to do much better with it. For example, a friend of mine has an adopted daughter who is clinically depressed and who was taking two different perscription anti-depressants. Now, taking fish oil for more than a year, she stopped taking one med completely and takes the other in a reduced dosage.

And the young lady (I think she's 20 or 21) reports much improved MH and she is dating again and seems to enjoy life, participating in her church and helping others -- as she did in high school and generally prior. She is adopted, very little is know about her birth parents biological history.

But second, "fish oil' seems to help people who have already been diagnosed with sz or other major mental illness and who are recovered and operating in their community. How much? Well, it would have been better if they had never gotten sick of course, but (according to the Canadian study, done at four different mental hospitals and managed by some very competent statistical monitors,) about half of the recovered sz patients can reduce their meds by about one third and maintail their present quality of life.

You could sit down with your son some evening at your PC and take him to the sites you find by the above search.

PS: I am not a health nut -- I don't take vitamins', I eat junk food and I have no interest in this stuff except as it relates to my wife.

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I dunno. Skeptic here... but I'll try it.

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