March 27, 2004

religious fixations

One other thing I wanted to write about is religious fixation.

At one point when M. was having a terrible time, he thought he was Jesus' son.
He did not talk about it much, but spent a lot of time reading the bible and looking off into space.
This was about 6 yrs ago.
Recently we saw the movie "The passion of the Christ". I wondered how he would react to the movie. On the way home, I asked what he thought and did it bother him. He said "I thought before the movie that I might make some connection with the movie and see if I could justify or prove the fact that maybe I was Jesus' son." (I had not heard of this fixation for several years), He says he did not make any connections and knows now that he is not Jesus' son. I will admit this freaks me out if I think of it too much! LOL.
He says that he felt that the things in his life that have happened to him were like being crucified. That he was suffering like Jesus did, and that it was because he was Jesus' son.

That was one delusion that I had a lot of trouble dealing with.

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Maybe he is over that delusion now. He now knows he is not Jesus's son. Sounds like he is recovering.

Posted by: Peter t at April 2, 2004 12:30 AM

once delusions are reducing or over,,,,,it is definatley recovery but we have to always remember that in some cases it can again medicine should be stopped only with consent of doctor

Posted by: nick at April 4, 2004 12:38 PM

My husband has same disease and I dealt with it for 3 years, but he lives with his mother now, who has it too.He thinks he is Satan, and if he goes to church or reads Bible, thinks he is Satan or one of the characters from the Bible. He is petrified of going to hell, thinks people are talking about us on TV NEWS, or radio. Paranoid delusions. Yes, it is hard, so hard to deal with this thing. Him & his mother are unaturally bonded by this thing, and only show each other affection, which ruined our marriage. Sorry to hear about your husband/all I do is keep praying that God will deliver him from this evil! Marty Clayton, Bamberg, SC

Posted by: marty clayton at May 25, 2004 04:08 AM

My boyfriend has serious religious delusions. He thinks he is the latest prophet and has a mission to change the world. I am very concerned for him as I am sure he is mentally ill. However I also am certain he will not go to the doctor and will continue to be disturbed. Any suggestions will be welcome.
His personality changes and he forgets things he has said to me. Not just little things, I mean real life changing things. He also talks about Hitler and how he killed his retinue in order to gain the power he wanted. My boyfriend wants this kind of power.

Posted by: Zammi at November 14, 2006 09:30 PM

How do you get your spouse to a psychiatrist for help with these things....

Posted by: polly at April 17, 2007 02:45 AM

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