August 01, 2004

A new month

Wow, summer is flying by...thank goodness. One month closer to the crisp fall days :O)

Since Thursday, I have felt really well. I just hope it stays that way! I think therapy is doing a lot to help me.

M. is so moody. I know he loves me and doesn't want to be alone either, however, I don't think he likes me very much. I told him on Saturday that I need to figure out the way to live with him and not let his moodiness, hatefulness, and smart mouth get me down.... He didn't like that very much. IT is true, though.
Last night we were discussing something and he called me "Einstien". Meaning that I think I am so smart.....sigh. I said nothing, other than to myself. That may not seem like a mean thing to most people, but it was hurtful and a put down to me. I think I handled it ok....of course, my first instinct was to lash back, but I didn't.

I have also given away a lot of my household responsibilities to M. and the kids. If it doesn't get done, so be it. I am tired of doing it all myself. So far, they have been pretty helpful.

Better go for now.

P.S. Thanks Louie for your prayer! I wish the best for you, too and hope you are well and surviving the roller coaster ride we call life.

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