August 18, 2004

Walking on Eggshells

Well, yesterday I did something dumb. I forgot that I am to walk on eggshells and must be always on alert and never say anything that isn't kind, supportive and wonderful. (sarcasm:)

Here is how the stupid conversation went:
Me: There is one piece of ham left, do you want it to make a sandwich?
M: One whole piece, huh?
Me: Yes, it is enough to make a you want it or not?
M: Yes, your highness, I want it. IF it is ok with you...

How stupid is that? Well, that wonderful little conversation ruined the whole day yesterday. And I am sure he is still pissed about it today...but he is still sleeping.

What really pisses me off about the whole "be careful what you say thing" is that he can say whatever he wants, in whatever tone and I am just suppose to take it. Never any apology, just take it and deal with it. Because that is just the way he is.

Later after that one conversation he was sitting on the front porch smoking. I went out and sat down, too. He looks up at me and says "What? Did ya come out here to bitch some more?" I just got up and went back inside.

Oh yeah, I remember now...I have a choice to be here or not. Ha.

M. started back to working evenings, so now his sleep schedule is screwed up again. He was up half the night last night, saying he can't sleep. Well, fine and dandy....I still have to get up at 430 go to bed already!

"I feel like were drowning in a sea spilled from a cup"-Train

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Hey, you are not alone. This sounds axactly like my husband. In my situation I did get stronger at taking all the hurtful feelings to heart and talked back. Now he has gone off and found another women in another state and says he doesn't love me anymore. He wants a divorce. We have two small children. I still love him very much and am very comfused how this all happened so fast. Email me.

Posted by: Lori Taylor at August 23, 2004 04:50 PM

Kiss these sorry mental ill manaics goodbye and go get yourself a real man who is normal or at least will deal with their problems. A good man is not hard to find and mentally ill ones who don't take care of their problems can not love you or themselves get a real wholesome mindness man and you have a much better life. Really men like the ones you mention are trash and should be treated like so. flush them down the toliet or throw the smelly garbage out. You be much better for it.

Posted by: dee at May 27, 2007 08:14 AM

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