September 06, 2004

It's funny?

It is funny that I am never surprised when some new thing comes up in M.'s head.
Currently, I supposedly am stealing his cigarettes. He doesn't know what I am doing with them...but it sure is strange that they go so fast........Am I giving them to someone? or selling them? He is going to keep track from now on...I say Good Idea!!! Man.

Sometimes the goofy stuff really makes me laugh....And then I think wow, "normal" people don't get to hear this stuff! What in the world do they do with themselves. LOL.

I guess I don't find too many things crazy. I mean afterall when you have lived with "Jesus' son"~ anyone could say anything and I would not be shocked!
When anything and everything is connected...from something a stranger said 25 years ago ties into what the guy down the street said this morning...Nothing is too crazy for me.

I think it is true that when you live with a paranoid person, you become so hyper-aware of any and all coincidences that you yourself feel paranoid to some extent. I know it has happened to me quite a bit. But the difference is I guess that I can say to myself...that was just a coincidence, whereas a person with sz. cannot.

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend.
Sorry for rambling...just needed to talk.

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I can relate so well to your stories. It's nice to know I'm not alone. I'm in your same situation except not married. Just commomlaw for 15 years. J suffers from Acute Schizo -affective disorder. We have a daughter together who is 9. I was never aware of his illness until he got weird after our daughter was born. Like weird as in he was Jesus or even God at times and he controlled the world and could change anything. Get my drift/ He never has worked, he was an aspiring musician but, as everything else that has come to a full stop. I'm really at a "should I stay or should I go " stage. His illness is really starting to affect our daughter. It's hard when she tells me she wants a new dad that does things. Also the hygiene thing has got to change. If I try to tell him he gets offended. Also his affection towards me has disappeared. We don't even kiss anymore,except for a peck to say good bye in the morning. How do you cope? and how do or did your children cope? I'm not sure if your situation is the same. My guy is not involved at all!!!!!! in anything in our lives. He rarely goes outside. Never mind getting of the couch.
Thanks for listening. It's hard to find spouses to talk to who deal with this problem It's mainly families. Thanks Corrie

Posted by: corrie at November 12, 2004 05:40 PM

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