March 11, 2005


Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Life has been busy and I seem to not have enough time to do everything.

We are still plugging along. Our move is still planned for June and we are still trying to sell our house. I am still optimistic and have even packed a few things.

M. is doing ok. He stopped smoking. I have not. I am not quite as ready as he was. And I have to be ready or it won't work.

I have been ill recently with kidney stones and M. has done fairly well helping me and taking me to and fro the dr. I know it is a challange for him to do these things, but he also rises to the occasion. This makes me feel rather funny, as I have to ask for his help....when I wish he would just offer it. But, that isn't going to happen.

I have devoted all my free time to art. It really is a healing process for me.
I will try to be more talkative in this blog. Sorry to have been so quiet.

Posted by Jamie at March 11, 2005 03:48 AM


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