December 05, 2005

Good morning

Hi again.
With the pressure of Thanksgiving off and christmas still a couple of weeks away, M. is a little easier to live with. Not much, but some.

I am desperately trying to change my attitude and thought patterns to be more able to handle his problems when they arise.

I have been reading a lot of stuff by Dr. Wayne Dyer. His information makes a lot of sense to me.
One thing he says is "You cannot get sick enough to heal one person".
He is right, I have been there/tired that. I have allowed M.s illness to make me sick. To bring me down to the point that I suffered from depression, had suicidal thoughts, to near nervous breakdown.
Did it help? NOPE! Not one little bit. It did nothing more than make matters worse. Did he get any better? if anything he got worse.
So I need to stay strong, mentally well, for myself and my children. I cannot let this happen again.

One other thing he says is "I cannot control what happens on the outside, but I can control what happens on the inside."
Wayyyy true, Huh? Control my own reactions.

Hope all are well out there and coping reasonably well. Hugs, Jamie

Posted by Jamie at December 5, 2005 12:09 PM


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