January 12, 2007

Lots of stuff going on

Lots of stuff going on at our house recently. Mostly all good things, but they still make my hubby nervous. Any change of pace or anything new thrown into his schedule..makes him flustered.

Today he was going on and on about the fact that he thinks that the mechanic “screwed” him over when he fixed our truck this week. He kept asking my son what he thought, and my son said.. no dad…I think he did the right thing. Maybe you should just call and ask him to explain what he did to the truck? (Damn.. I was proud of that kid!) Hubby listened and called the mechanic and they got it all ironed out. It must be awful to think that someone is out to get you ALL the time.

Next on his list of worries is this new apt/townhouse thing we are moving into. He just worries about everything about it. He has called every utility company that we have to deal with to get prices, deposit info, etc… and hey.. I am not saying that is ALL bad.. but he is obsessive about it. Then he calculates, figures, obsesses over all the figures and then wonders if we will be able to afford it or not. I sat down with him and we wrote it all out and it looks like we will be paying slightly less in the new place than we are here… soooo I am hoping that that helped ease his mind some.

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