November 20, 2006

23 years

Today is our wedding anniversary. In 1983, we were married in a lovely ceremony with family and friends.

So many, many things have happened during that time.

I remember the wild, passionate love we felt for each other back then. I sure it was still here.

But, it's not and that is something to just deal with.

I have recently talked to my husband about me getting my own apartment in our small town and sharing the kids back and forth.
He, of course, was very, very angry and I do not think he actually believes that I will go through with it.
I don't necessarily want a divorce...just some space. Just some space to feel like my own person... someone not weighed down by mental illness 24/7.
A place where my friends could come over, where the kids friends could come over. Just a place.

YEs, I realize that this sounds very selfish of me....but I can't do anything about that.
I have no idea where this will all go...we just take it one day at a time I guess.

Hoping everyone is surviving the early holiday season...take care and I will write again soon.

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