April 30, 2004

Heaven's gaze...

Shining rays sift over clouds
and sing serenity
Dappled dreams of quietude
deliver calm to me
Upturned windows of my soul
pursue the shadowed shade
Questing for a remedy
to lift a life from ache

Fingers drawn thru silent gloom
demand that darkness flee
Glowing glimpse of angel wings
destroy obscurity
Tenderly translucent grace
proffered from pure core
Leads my lame and battered life
to take a leap and soar

Silent tune, a melody,
whispers ecstasy
Adoration glowing there
of love for you and me
Risen atmosphere I feel,
revelation, whole
Aspiring cultivation of
the patience of my soul


There is always hope if we seek to look for it.
God is always watching over.
We are never alone.
All he requires is a request for his presence.
He is perpetually at our shoulder, waiting
to lend a hand of comfort and guidance.

Our visit with David last evening went better than therapy with his worker did, for him. He was calmer, still very unhappy, but resigned that he had no choice but to stay. He had just woken from a nap and was a bit groggy, but seemed to wake ok. They had ordered pizza for dinner, instead of the regular hospital food, so this was a plus, as one of David's major beefs with the stay is the *&*&*! food. He ate 4 slices and bread sticks. I had told him I would bring his Great Gatsby book, but was unable to find it, so I took him a bible and "40 Days of Purpose" book. He did not seem upset. Gene went in for a while as well, and this visit went better for both of us. David did not get agitated and threatening escape as the day before.

Before we left, they let me back in to say goodbye and give a hug, and the nurse on staff was a bit more flexible. She let Dalton sneak in past the door and give David a hug as well. I think both boys were pleased at this.

I have promised that I will make BBQ Brisket when David gets home from the hospital.

Today, I called to confirm, and they have started Clozaril! I pray that this works, but things seem to be getting better, at least going according to plan.

There is always a light, no matter how dim, if only we seek to find it.

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