July 07, 2004

Meeting New people

I had a party on Saturday. We were all consumers. We debated politics and chowed down on Mexican food. I put a personal ad on a website and I got tons of interesting responses. This has nothing to do with Schiz. I've got to break out of the mold here, you know. This stuff is getting way to serious really. I'm going to Iowa on Sunday. It's my Grandparents' memorial. We will spread their ashes in a predesignated place. No one in my family lives in Iowa anymore. I hate passing through the checkpoint at the airport. God forbid I get preyed on again by some wanna be nazi woman who is probably into dominance. I mean she opened up my huge bag of pills right in front of God and man. I thought of all these great come backs later on. At the time I was just mortified. I'm really not an enemy combatant. I guess they hate the fact that I don't even resemble my I.D. I've dropped a ton of weight and I colored my hair. They want to know if it is really me. I have this fear of bueracracy. I mean forget about the DMV or Social Security. I also fear banks where you never know when the local drug addict will start jonzin for some drugs and come stick up the bank. I only go in banks when I have to buy quarters to do my laundry. I can't really bear going to the Post Office either. I go if I want stamps or if I need to pick up or mail a large package.

I told one guy on the phone (he was such a jerk) that I work with mentally ill adults and he says to me: Well their limited; but what about you? He told me to just go out and do it. Go take what's mine and all that. He became rich in one year. Arrived here last year with $40 in his pocket from England and has made it. "Every American has the same opportunities as I have. I don't understand all these people who live in poverty here! This is the richest country and they don't take advantage. They are going into bankruptcy to pay medical bills." He is such a republican. I was like why did you bother to answer my ad? He kept trying to meet me last night. He wanted to send a taxi for me. Said he had partied for three days and lives a very adventurous life. He skis, yachts, sky dives etc. etc. and travels the world every month. Sounds like a playboy who hasn't quite sowed his wild oats yet. I told him he was wild and a loose cannon. The first time I called him at 9:00 at night he couldn't talk. Said he was quite busy in this prissy little British accent. I thought Great just what I need another man who doesn't have time for me.

Someone should a reality t.v. show on my life. It wouldn't be boring. I mean, the strangest people approach me at the bus stops. One man a couple of weeks ago had a suitcase and turns to me and says "I've got to sell some this liquor; this thing is way too heavy."(!) Then he goes "Do you drink" and I said no. He then wanted to know if I smoke crack. I told him no. I was disgusted by this time. He said I smoked it all day yesterday. Here I'll show you the pipe. (!) So he took it out! Expletive Expletive. I was mad and walked away. I don't want to come near that stuff. He then proceeded to waltz out into traffic to cross this major intersection. All you can do is roll your eyes. I have a few more stories like that. Some of these people freak me out. I hear guys on the bus talking about just getting out of prison. As if everyone had just gotten out of prison or something. Interesting. I heard a couple of kids who had just graduated high school (seeing each other after a long while) and they both said they had done time for doing i.d. theft. Then the guy says "I work at Telesis bank now." (!!!)

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