January 17, 2005

Sunny Days

The weather has been so nice here in So Cal the last few days. I love it! We had so much rain and hail for a while there. I am having a lot of fatigue today. I will beg the Dr. on Wednesday to switch me to Lamictal or something. I'm sick a lot on these current pills. I tested a little under the therapeutic level of Lithium;but I don't want to take anymore.

I was telling my friend we should set up a dating site called MishuginaMatch.com or crazymatch.com. Sometimes I think it would be easier to be straight forward about the craziness when meeting men. Maybe I'll put an ad on here and see if I start a trend. If nothing more it would be funny. My friend taught me the words fedroit and fakaktah too. I'm not sure I know how to spell them.

I've decided to go to TX. for president's day. Then in April I will go to Arkansas to see my Grandpa.

I am going to look for a job on the job board at Goodwill. I can go tomorrow if I have energy.

I saw a movie called wilbur wants to kill himself and it was really good. I don't know why they kept releasing him from the hospital though.

I have some pidgeons that laid eggs on a shelf on my balcony. I'm not supposed to have pets but this is legal I suppose.

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