January 23, 2005

Completing my Degree

I'm trying to figure out what major to declare as I finsih my degree. I have been accepted under human services; but now I'm considering a B.S. in Social Science or a Liberal Studies degree. I guess I want the one that I can complete the fastest. I have 90 units or so. Hopefully I will have a job soon; and will then be juggling school and work. I actually found an agency that places people in jobs like the ones I'm capable of and am experienced in.

My friend T. wants someone to throw a Valentine's day party. I think my apartment is too small; so I might ask someone else to do it this time.

I saw Phantom of the Opera and it was good. I want to see The Merchant of Venice.

I'm having a hard time communicating with my dr.s. All of them. I asked for a pill for my poly cystic ovaries and the dr. said "oh you don't seem to have that anymore. He decides this by looking at my face! I am not assertive enough I guess because I left with nothing. Then at my shrink he tells me the shaking in my hands is all anxiety. That it is not the lithium. I really need to ask for Artane. I feel uncomfortable around him. He asks me to tell him how a drug worked for me that I took four months ago. I really couldn't say because I have a memory deficit disorder and when I take 3-4 medicines I can't tell what works or doesn't. I don't think Abilify is working because I feel persecuted in public sometimes. I think when you shake a lot you are persecuted sometimes.

There is this song I really like by Coldplay that says: In a bulletproof vest I'll be doin my best when all I really want is friends. It is about a shut in. Some days I don't go anywhere. It is really boring and lonely; but if I have no one to do anything with then I stay home. I need a job just to kill time.

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