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December 14, 2007

don't sleep my child

well a night of no rest i take it. sleeping pills are not working the voices are loud again and the night is long before me.

here is a poem i wrote

A Strung Puppet

with the breaking of down a new mask i put on
for there are several stored here, in my mangled and messed up head
some show happiness, others are sad
but all serve a purpose and for this i am glad
for they are all me, they make up my life
far from reality, living a lie?
these may be true, but it is how i survive
for my emmotions are fleeting, they constantly change
insanity, infesting my brain, makes me mentally deranged
people, they look at me, but who is it that they see
definitly not the creature, but neither is it me
it is only a strung puppet, played by the beast

copywrite 1996

that was written in 1996. i have tons most, however, i can not publish on this site as they are graphic in nature.

the shaking was getting worse and i was doing better so the dr lowered the haldol a little but the symptoms are coming back i would have to say. i want to get off haldol and start abilify again with the risperadol on board at least for a while. this whole haldol thing is killing me
not sure how much longer i can keep my job either been there a few months and it is really taking a toll on my mind and wellness

December 14, 2007

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