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December 13, 2007

Hum Drum

hey all you guys well my day is just zipping by had to go shopping with my wife then to the bank and then pick our daughter up from school. the voices are at about baseline range 1 to 10 10 th worst then baseline is 5.
that is about normal as normal can be for me. i have tardive disconesia not sure the spelling of that. it was stopped with meds but when i had to go back onto haldol the shakes are coming back. pretty bad. are next step is to start abilify and get me off the hoaldol soon hope it stops the shakes

I am so proud though i am ussually med compliant and i function enough to know that if i dont take them then i feel like crap worse than the other crap when i do take them.. i figure it is a trade off and to me thinking better is the best for the praice paid.



December 13, 2007

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