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January 26, 2008

Looking to move

Hey Bower here. been doing pretty good been about baseline on the voices and delusions so that is cool. not sure why i am doing well there is a lot of stress in my life we have to move and my wife and i both lost our part time jobs and have little money, just what we earn in ssdi so it is downsize time.

we have lost alot but my moods seem to be pretty good. i spaced my morning pills the other day that was a little hard. and the only complaint is i do have alot of anxiety but lorazapam helps that. i was taking 6 times day there for a while but now only two times a day usually.

I do find a lot of comfort in God and I know that he blesses me a lot


January 5, 2008

Been Gone

sorry for not keeping up my wife was in the hospital she is alright though she is bipolar and had to get her meds in order and was gone for 2 weeks

stress is a killer for me so i am fighting to keep my head above water so to speak without haldol horrid drug for me

i myself was just coming back to reality when all this happened i thought people driving next to me on the highway were going to start shooting and all very bad things happen


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