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January 15, 2008

How I feel right now/ poem

Here I am on the other side of illness
The other side of the mountain
No wind, it's cold, but we're alive
Here we are looking for that fountain

Of youth, we know it would heal us right
No talking, no feedback, just healing indeed
No conceit, no flirting, no fight
My trying, my gaining, it won't impede

Just objective healing to us
Something we have not had before
Always fighting, always trying
No one has opened that door

What we got were people spewing
The worst they were brewing
Of remedies this and that
They even got me chewing

On veggies, fruit and more
And the pain did not subside
This was a folklore
I'm trying, I have to hang on for the ride

But truthfully another day is not on the agenda
This day is only what I encounter today
If I even think of tomorrow, the pain sets in
Today I feel good and can play

This is a ride with no end
And people correct and jeer
If only some love and understanding
My sanity I do feer

January 15, 2008

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