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January 10, 2008

My Schizophrenia Book

My book about Schizophrenia is about 43 pages long and covers my feelings and how I thought people treated me during my worst year and losing my final job. My book tells what and how I hurt. Where I hurt. And how people affected me. There is a lot of poetry which tells stories of how I tried hard to keep my job, how I felt, and how I recovered. At the end of the book is just 5 poems where I felt the voices put me in another persons shoes and how they felt. I am selling this for only $5 dollars. If you are really hurting and have no money and would feel better by reading and knowing about another who hurts, I will just email it to you free. Please be honest with me. If you are interested in my book which is PG but covers hard life issues, let me know. Thank you. Joean of Arc.. My real name is Brenda. I just selected Joan of Arc because I feel my spirit of dueling with the voices has kept me sane so far, also I feel she was Schizophrenic.. Maybe it is God and we just fight like banchees? We want control over our lives. It is very offensive to think someone else can have that control, isn't it?

January 10, 2008

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