Another Entry - Schizophrenia: The Perspective of a Father & Brother-in-Law

November 27, 2007

Another Entry

I managed to complete my first blog entry, it was for the most part painless. When you cohabit with someone who is schizophrenic every day can be interesting. You can be relaxing in your family room or be surfing the Internet when all of a sudden your brother-in-law comes out of his room fussing and making little or no sense whatsoever. On occasion this has bothered me and you know what? It is so petty for me to feel that way and I will act like that no more. What I will do is use more sympathy, compassion and understanding because there are some things he has no control over, such as hearing voices. He has said they drive him crazy, when I worked at a forensic psychatric hospital in 2006 during training one of our exercises was listening to a tape made by a person who is schizophrenic and who is living a full and productive life. At first impression of the recording I wasn't. As the tape progressed, my ears were opened. It must be a living hell. My son told me the other day he has heard voices but they talk real fast, my brother-in-law has conversations with the ones he hears. My wife suggested the other day she didn't think my son is schizophrenic, quite a statement from someone not in the medical profession, she added she thinks he is lazy and isn't that bad off. Maybe she needs to take another look, possibly at herself. Possibly she has a hard time understanding my frustrations and her way of dealing with them is to take out her feelings on the closest person available, me. Lately, I have been fighting back by becoming stronger, and writing is one way of dealing with it. Where I acquired the ability to express my feelings in the written word goes back twenty-five years ago when I was in radio school learning to be a disc jockey and producer, in class we had to write speeches, commercials and newscasts. It was great training and is still is with me to this day. Why else am I writing this? Anyway, keep your head up, keep the faith, till next time. Later.

November 27, 2007

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